Webinars And Forecasts That Make Sense

Ready for practical weather coaching about specific sailing venues pertinent to you? We've got you covered. Learn the basics along with venue-specific knowledge to gain the upper hand at your next peak event.

What You Get

Daily detailed forecasts with remote weather briefings for your chosen regatta ($375 Value)
5x one hour webinars to prepare you for your specific regatta ($300 Value)
Wind Strategy book for learning ($25 Value)
All For $329
Sailing Performance Training; Weather Forecasting; Sailing Race Weather, Sailing Meteorology

How It Works

Currently, we are offer a webinar series in preparation for the U.S. ISAF Youth Worlds Qualifier in Pensacola, FL. This means, you will have 5 webinars preparing you for the Pensacola venue plus daily weather forecasting and a briefing each day of your regatta!

You will learn:

  • Details on how to maximize the macro and micro influences of your specific venue.
    • This is not a general weather course. This is what you need to know about your upcoming regatta.
  • How to read a detailed weather forecast -- which will be provided daily for the YWQ event.
  • Access to a sailing meteorologist leading up to, and during your event.
  • You will learn the basic weather patterns and geographic influences specific to Pensacola
  • And more!

Got another event in mind? Email Fred@SailingPerformanceTraining.com

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