MOVE! Building Physical Literacy For Sailors

For ages 6-12

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The MOVE! program was built to enhance your sailor’s success, health, and enjoyment in sailing! SPT is a leader in youth sport education for sailing-athletes and remote fitness coaching. SPT was founded on the principles of providing quality education and coaching to empower sailing athletes to achieve their full athletic potential. 

Physical education is essential for a healthy, safe sport environment. Our goal is to help simplify and consolidate the pathway for youth development to ensure your child enjoys a sport experience that is safe, successful, and FUN. Through physical literacy, your child will learn many life skills and lessons that will translate to success both on the water and in life. SPT’s services are the best choice for athletes of all aspirations! 

The MOVE! program is the result of 40+ years of experience in the sport of sailing and the understanding of the athlete, coach, and parent’s missing needs. MOVE! complements sailing-skill development through physical literacy: mental, cognitive, physical, and emotional education. Proficiency in physical literacy will make your athlete a better student, sailor, and human being. The MOVE! Program instills lessons of responsibility, commitment, time-management, and coach-ability. All the skill sets learned are presented in an appropriate, progressive, safe, and fun way that connects athleticism with the sport of sailing—skill sets that take years to develop and will enhance your athlete’s ultimate success.

Opti Workout, Sailing Fitness, Sailing Workout

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How It Works

Recommended for athletes under 13. For athletes 13+, check out SPT's Medallion program!

MOVE! is $29/month and you will be prorated for the first month!

Getting setup is easy!

  1. Sign up using the link
  2. Complete the steps in the Welcome Email
  3. Start MOVING!

Athletes will be given playlists of workouts that are no more than 10 minutes long. Workouts are engaging and fun, employing many movements and skills like: hopping, jumping, throwing, catching, and more! MOVE! should be incorporated into the 60 minutes of play time each day, as recommended by the United States Olympic Committee. Physical Literacy skill assessments will be available in US Sailing's "Skill Up" app!