Affordable, Individualized Programming With A Coach

SPT's Medallion gives athletes a customized, progressive workout plan with accountability and fitness tracking. All workouts are effective and SAFE--all testing and workouts are appropriate to the athlete's age and skill. Based on testing results, SPT Coaches will prescribe a workout plan to improve the athlete's scores. Quarterly Fitness Tests evaluates athlete's improvement over time!

This program is intended for the beginning to intermediate athletes and will improve your sailing results and reduce your risk of injury. At $75/month, it's also the most affordable, customized workout plan on the market!

How It Works


Complete The Initial Fitness Test


Complete the test and upload all videos in the app. Testing can be done at your own pace and will be appropriate and safe.


Tailored Training Program


Based on testing results, schedule, and goals, we will build a workout program just for you! Workouts are designed to be completed at your own pace and for maximum effectiveness and efficiency!


Begin The Journey


You will always have a workout ready to enhance your fitness and sailing goals and we will occasionally test to ensure that your workout program is working for you! Throughout your experience, take comfort knowing you have a coach to support you along the way.

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"I really enjoy the results I get from the training, I feel a lot stronger not just in sailing but in school as well. I can do better on our fitness testing and hike for longer in strong winds. I mostly feel my core getting a lot stronger which allows me to be more agile in the boat and react to swell better." 2019 USNT Team Member

"I liked the program. Certain positions in the boat are easier to hold, which has helped me in my recent regattas." 2019 USNT Member