Build A Foundation For Physical Literacy And Workout With A Plan

SPT's Medallion Program is the first of its kind, giving athletes customized, progressive workout plan with accountability and fitness tracking. All workouts are effective and SAFE. Medallion athletes will go through an initial Movement Screen and Fitness Test that is appropriate to the athlete's age and skill. Based on testing results and the athlete's schedule, SPT Coaches will prescribe a workout plan to improve their scores. Weekly reports track athlete progress and quarterly Fitness Tests show improvement over time.

This program is intended for the beginning to intermediate athletes looking to increase their physical literacy, develop healthy habits and a routine, and make gains towards their sailing endeavors. This program is also a great way to for the busy recreational athlete to stay healthy with a workout plan! At $75/month, it's also the most affordable, customized workout plan on the market!

Next Month's Medallion Program Begins on the 1st! Get Setup Today!

How Medallion Works

Each month is the beginning of a new Medallion Cohort. Athletes should sign up as soon as possible to complete the tasks for getting setup prior to the 1st. After signing up, you will receive an email with additional instructions.

Fitness Testing begins on the 1st of each month and athletes will have a 7-10 day time period to complete the 3 day test. Prior to beginning testing, athletes must complete the on-boarding process: logging into the apps, signing forms, and setting up billing. Athletes will only be accepted for a cohort if they complete all steps in setup prior to the first of the month. Once athletes complete testing, a report of their results and their programs will be posted. Follow up testing and reports will be generated each week and quarter!

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