Athlete Tracking: A Platform For Sailing And Fitness Data Analysis

Make smart decisions about your sailing and fitness programming by joining SPT's platform. By recording key metrics through out your training, you can gain insight into:

  • Efficacy of current fitness program
  • Current fitness level compared to athlete's age and class.
  • Workload and volume of each sailing day
  • Multi-year periodization planning in fitness and sailing
  • Number of sailing days per condition
  • And more

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Sailing Performance Training's Three Fitness Tiers

Medallion Program

Develop your fitness skill-set, achieve and maintain a baseline of physical fitness, increase your fitness literacy.

Platinum Program

Step-up your game working with a remote fitness coach. Synchronize your sailing and fitness training to dominate your peak event.

Elite Program

Our most advanced fitness program aimed to keep you focused on winning. Enjoy working with a remote fitness coach daily to keep you on the rhumb line for your fitness and health goals.


Medallion Program

For the student-athlete looking to prepare themselves for future sailing glory. This program utilizes a proprietary, progressive, safe workout plan that will build a sailor's athletic foundation and combat early specialization. Athletes will learn proper fitness form and technique, build a knowledge-base for on topics like health and nutrition, and get hooked into the fitness pipeline that services our most elite sailing-athletes.

Platinum Program

For the intermediate to advanced athlete ready to utilize fitness planning to get an edge on their competition. With this program, athletes will work with a dedicated remote coach who will work with you and your sailing coach to peak for your event. The Platinum Program also gives athletes education and training on more advanced fitness techniques and expands athlete knowledge in the areas of fitness, nutrition, and fitness planning.

11th hour racing event 3 mast head

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Argo GC32

Elite Program

For the most dedicated and advanced athlete. Utilize SPT's most premium service offering daily feedback on workout movements, lifestyle and fitness planning, and 24/7 support and guidance. SPT's coaches are here to support your dedicated lifestyle and the pursuit of excellence. Experience the personalized service that the US Sailing Olympic Team athlete's rely on.

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