Making the World's Finest Sailing-Athletes

An Unparalleled Remote Coaching Experience

This is not your typical workout program. At SPT, we utilize the finest suite of apps and match you with certified, knowledgeable coaches for the most unique remote coaching experience. Join the hundreds of athletes that have chosen SPT for their fitness needs.

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Whatever Your Fitness Goal Or Ability, We Will Achieve It Together


Remote coaching puts the experts in your pocket which means more access and knowledge at a fraction of the cost. Get the satisfaction of knowing that you are making the most linear progress towards your goal not only with expert coaches, but with the most advanced data analytic software on the market.

Train Anywhere

Software and training built to withstand the most rigorous travel schedules and circumstances.


Optimized to help you through: injuries, medical conditions, age, and ability.

Data Driven

Access to the most robust and elite software and apps on the planet.